Members of the Auxiliary Board are responsible for guiding and overseeing all school activity and ensuring that our values remain true to the mission of Our Lady of Peace School.



The Board is consists of members from within the categories listed below. Members serve within the category that is representative of their relationship to Our Lady of Peace. 


Teachers: Mrs. Jennifer Paris and Mrs. Peggy Yanul

Past Parents: Mrs. Karen Brier and Mrs. Annette Rose

Current Parents: Mrs. Donna DeNaples and Mrs. Karen Domiano

School Administrator: Mrs. Debbie Martenson

School Principal: Mrs. Ann D'Arienzo


The two 'Current Parent' members were chosen through the online ballot that was released to families earlier this school year. The board will also include alternating parish involvement from Father John Lapera and Monsignor Joseph Quinn.



Subcommittees have been created within the Auxiliary Board in order to accomplish specific objectives within that fall within the category's realm. We are now seeking volunteers to join these subcommittees, which are listed below along with their chairpersons.


Spirituality: Mrs. Colleen Kolucki
Hospitality: Mrs. Marnel Ahern
Marketing: Mrs. Ellen Moore
Fundraising: Mrs. Christina Walsh
Student Activities: Mrs. Maureen Mills

The Student Activities Committee is responsible for school events such as the Christmas Carnival, Kids Go Shopping, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother's Luncheon, etc.


Parent may volunteer for these subcommittees using the online application, which can be viewed by clicking the yellow banner below. Please note that there is no limit to the number of subcommittees that you may join, but we ask that you consider which subcommittee(s) will make the best use of your talents.