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Academics and Extra Curriculars

  • All Day Kindergarten

  • Grades 1 - 8, double-tracked

  • Middle States Accreditation

  • Bi-weekly School Mass

  • Morning, noon, and afternoon prayers

  • Smart Boards in every classroom

  • Accelerated Math Program - Grades 6 - 8

  • Simple Solutions Math

  • Boys and Girls Basketball - Grades 4 - 8

  • Boys and Girls Cross Country - Grades 5 - 8

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Forensics

  • Caring, family atmosphere

  • Dedicated, friendly faculty and staff

  • Many opportunities for parental involvement

  • Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science

  • Student Council

  • Baseball -Grades 7 - 8

  • Cheerleading - Grades 6 - 8

  • Community Service Programs

  • Spring Musical

  • Computer Club

  • Choir

  • Yearbook Club

  • Spirit Club

  • Odyssey of the Mind

  • School Newspaper

  • Holy Cross Student Advisory Board

For details on any of the programs listed above,

call us at 570-587-4152


Forensics competition is available to students in the 5th and 6th grades on a junior varsity level and to students in the 7th and 8th grades on a varsity level. Competition is among Catholic schools on a regional and diocesan level.

The focus of Forensics is not only the preparation of interscholastic competition, but also learning the practice of speaking skills in and for a variety of occasions, in addition to the development of poise and personal confidence.


The purpose of the National Junior Honor Society shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship.

Membership in the National Junior Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. Students and/or parents do not initiate the process for membership, nor should they consider it a right. Students must excel in all five areas; therefore, students are nominated after meeting not only the academic/scholarship criteria below, but also the criteria for leadership, service, character and citizenship.

The selection process is as follows:

  1. Students are nominated for NJHS membership by faculty member(s) designated by the school administration.

  2. The student must be in the 7th or 8th grade at the time of nomination.

  3. Students nominated must have earned a cumulative scholastic average of 93% or higher for the first three

    marking periods of 7th grade to be inducted in the Spring of 7th grade. To be inducted in the Spring of 8th grade, students nominated must have earned a cumulative scholastic average of 93% or higher utilizing the four quarters of 7th grade and the first three quarters of 8th grade.

  4. Students are not nominated on academic achievement alone, but must also display qualities of character, service, leadership and citizenship.

  5. To maintain membership in the NJHS, students must maintain a cumulative scholastic average of 93%, to be calculated each marking period thereafter.

  6. One “probationary marking period” will be granted to those falling below the required cumulative scholastic average prior to dismissal from the organization.

  7. Because “character” is an integral component of the NJHS, students will be placed on “disciplinary probation” if they earn two detentions. A third detention, or one conduct referral, will result in dismissal from the NJHS.

A. Character

The student with character:

- Cooperates by complying with school rules and regulations.

- Consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, stability)

- Upholds principles of morality and ethics

- Takes criticism willingly and accepts recommendations graciously.

- Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability

- Shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others and their property

- Avoids cheating in any form

- Observes instructions and rules, punctuality, responsibility, and faithfulness both inside and outside the school

- Has powers of concentration and sustained attention as shown by perseverance and application to studies

- No excessive absenteeism and/or tardiness

B. Service

The student who serves:

- Completes 20 hours of school/church/community service

- Participates in some out of school activity: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, volunteer services for the aged,     poor, or disadvantaged; family duties

- Is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude

- Is gladly available and willing to sacrifice to offer assistance

- Cheerfully and enthusiastically renders service to the school

- Works well with others and is willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities

- Shows courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers, and students

- Displays school spirit

- Is willing to represent the class or school in inter-class and inter-scholastic competition 

C. Leadership

The student who exercises leadership:

- Demonstrates leadership in promoting and participating in school activities

- Is actively involved in at least one of the following OLP groups or sports: 

Student Council
Cross Country
Odyssey of the Mind
PJAS (Must present project at competition.)

Holy Cross Student Advisory Board 


School Play

School Newspaper

Computer Club

Spirit Club


- Exercises influence on peers in upholding school ideals

- Contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school

- Exemplifies positive attitudes

- Inspires positive behavior in others

- Demonstrates reliability and responsibility

- Demonstrates academic initiatives

- Successfully holds school offices 

D. Citizenship

The student who demonstrates citizenship:

- Participates in community organizations

- Participates in school clubs

- Displays a high regard for freedom, justice, and respect for fellow human beings.

- Understands the importance of civic involvement 


The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science is a statewide organization of junior and senior high school students designed to stimulate and promote interest among its members through the development of research projects and investigations.

Student participants in this program are encouraged to conduct scientific investigations, prepare a written report and give an oral presentation at regional meetings on their findings.

OLP school is a member of PJAS. Students in grades 7 and 8 are encouraged to investigate and participate in this organization. The goals of OLP’s PJAS are to promote greater participation in science, to improve quality of achievement and to develop an understanding and appreciation of the scientific community. After-school meetings will include demonstrations and timely discussions, along with preparations for those participating in the Spring Regional Meeting. The Spring Regional Meeting is held usually on the second Saturday in March at King’s College or Wilkes College, in Wilkes- Barre. Students who receive a “First Award” at this meeting are invited to present their work at the State Competition held at Penn State University in May. 


The sports program at Our Lady of Peace School is part of its extra-curricular program. Its goal is to promote values of good sportsmanship, cooperation, and fair competition. For this reason, membership is not determined by talent, but rather by a willingness to work for the good of the team.

A copy of the Rules and Regulations will be given to each student participant and parent to be signed. These Rules and Regulations will govern the sports program.

An annual $50.00 per family fee is required for participation in the sports program. The fee entitles a family to receive a copy of the Sports Book. This fee is waived if a family wishes to purchase an ad in the Sport Book. The Athletic fee must be paid before uniforms can be assigned to any student.

Any student receiving a Progress Report indicating a grade lower than 73 in any major subject will be suspended from competitive play and practice until that grade is brought up to a 73 or better. When the grade is brought up to a 73, the student is to print a report from Chalkable and submit it to the Principal. The principal will then reinstate the student to the team or activity.

Any student who receives a grade lower than 73 in any major subject on his/her report card, will be suspended from competitive play and practice until that grade is brought up to a 73. When the grade is brought up to a 73, the student is to print a report from Chalkable and submit it to the Principal. The principal will then reinstate the student to the team or activity.

Any student who receives a Conduct Referral for violation of the Disciplinary Code will be suspended from competitive play and practice until that conduct improves to satisfactory, but not less than one week.

The principal, after consulting with the student’s teacher(s) will determine a student’s eligibility or ineligibility relative to the Progress Report, Report Card and/or Conduct Code. His/her decision will be based on the student’s academic performance relative to his/her ability, conduct, absenteeism, or any other action that may impact on a student’s attainment of set academic goals.

The principal’s determination will be communicated to the parent of the student, Athletic Director and coach. The principal will determine when to reverse such a decision.

Any student who is absent from school on a day of a game or practice cannot participate in that game or practice. 


Our Lady of Peace School is a member of the Association of Catholic Student Councils and is committed to providing a quality program of leadership development, and to involving students in the planning and presentation of its programs.

Membership in the Student Council encourages students to set goals and work constructively towards achieving them and to build self-esteem and self-confidence. Officers and class representatives are chosen by the student body. 

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