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Mission Statements

Our Mission

            We, at Our Lady of Peace School, reaffirm our uniqueness of Catholic education.  We have a vision of the student that sees each as a brother/sister of Christ, and this vision leads us to respect the students and to manifest concern for them at all times.  

            We endeavor to build a faith community consisting of students, parents, clergy, parish communities, and the leadership team of our Diocesan Catholic schools, under the direction of the Bishop of Scranton, in which all can develop a sense of self-worth and respect for each person’s uniqueness.

            We teach the truths of the Gospel as annunciated by the Catholic Church without apology and with conviction.  Christian values are interwoven into all subject areas.  Students are challenged to live the Gospel values by service to others, participation in the liturgy, and by accepting the responsibility of their vocation as students.  Teachers see themselves as ministers in spreading Gospel values and know that excellent teaching is a reflection of the perfection of God.  

Diocesan Mission

We, the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Scranton, are committed to educate students and their families in the Catholic Faith. We provide a Catholic education that is spiritually sound and academically excellent. We strive to prepare our students to be faith-filled leaders and life-long learners dedicated to serving the church and society.

Profile of a Graduate

A student upon graduating from Our Lady of Peace School, will:

  • Be rounded in Gospel values.

  • Be challenged to live the Gospel values by serving others and participating in the liturgy and accepting the responsibility of his/her vocation as a student.

  • Having completed an academic program with Christian values interwoven into all subject areas.

  • Have developed an appreciation of cultural diversity.

  • Be able to express his/her ideas clearly, not only through speaking, but also through writing.

  • Enter the world equipped to make a worthwhile contribution to society. 

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