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OLP Caring Families

Our Mission

The Our Lady of Peace Caring Families allow the School's Parents, Students, Faculty, and Staff to provide Service and Outreach to our Community.


Some of the projects which the OLP Caring Families

would like to organize, include, but certainly are not limited to:


  • Visiting both Nursing Homes & St. Joseph’s Center

  • Stocking Food Pantries

  • 'Clean-up Days’

  • Welcoming New Members to the OLP Community


Everyone is welcome!


All Future Service Projects will be Communicated Through the OLP Website:


If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved, please contact:


Maria Cuck 570-466- 3878

Julie Pritchyk 570-575- 6483

Ann Tomaszewski 570-262- 7869

Latest News and Upcoming Events

Coming soon.

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