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        The Diocese of Scranton Office of Catholic Schools, along with the OLP Administration and Advisory Board, is proud to announce STREAM, our new educational advancement initiative. Encompassing the disciplines of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, the construction of an outdoor learning space will be the beginning step in a forthcoming multifaceted plan of interdisciplinary learning to be implemented at OLP and across all Diocesan schools.


        The STREAM structure explains how all the divisions of education and life work together. It is an authentically Catholic liberal arts curriculum where the subjects are coordinated to support each other under an instructional framework that highlights how science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the broad spectrum of religion and the arts all connect in the real world. This framework reinforces the centrality of Catholic identity to every aspect of the school program.


        STREAM is an expansion of STEM. It is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Math. As Catholic schools, our mission is to educate the whole child; therefore, we have taken the principals of STEM infused religion across all subjects and added the arts to provide students the creative thinking skills necessary to communicate and advance STEM in the real world.

How Can I Support STREAM?

        On February 23rd, 2019, Our Lady of Peace School will host its first fundraiser of the year, "A Night at the Races." Held in the OLP gym with doors opening at 6:30 pm, this fun night out will feature a buffet and beer, raffle baskets, a 50/50, and horse betting for ten races throughout the night.


         We invite all parents, family, and friends to join us for this event. Tickets are available for pre sale only on our school's website, here, for $35.00 each. Sponsorship opportunities are also available, including race sponsorships, horse purchases, basket donations and program ad submissions. 

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        STREAM is also a visual description of flowing water. In the classroom, STREAM is the flow of ideas over and across several subject areas. Equally important is the fact that the success of the STREAM program at any school will require a constant flow of communication, collaboration and planning among parish, school, administration, staff, parents and students. STREAM is not a new curriculum, but a framework for creative instruction. STREAM uses technology to advance the experience. Not only will students use traditional text, but also will use white boards, chromebooks to access the internet to explore, process and learn. Why STREAM? While students from Catholic schools consistently outperform their peers in public schools, we are raising the bar to keep our competitive edge. Across the US, business leaders are having difficulty finding enough talent to stay competitive. Our children need to be able to inquire, think, investigate and innovate to succeed. STREAM will help prepare our students for successful careers in a 21st century workforce.

Phase 1: Outdoor Learning Space

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“The Falcon’s Nest” is currently being planned for the courtyard between the main building and the middle school wing. It is envisioned to be a place to get outside on warm days to learn, reflect, and eat lunch with simple gardening activities and mobile classroom components vital to STREAM. Goal to Open – September 2019!

STREAM Outdoor Space Poster.png
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